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What's The First Step In My Defence?

My defence strategy is to fight every element of the case against you. I will not allow the prosecution to get a conviction if they cannot definitively prove that a crime was committed, and that you were the one who committed it.


The Prosecutor must establish that:

the search against you was entered into lawfully and properly according to police procedures
that the arrest procedure was proper and fair
that you were advised of your rights as required by the law
that your identification was fair and legal
that any forensic tests were properly conducted

I'll also make sure all evidence and discovery is made available to the defence. Especially any evidence that the Prosecutor may have that suggests or proves that you may be innocent.


In truth, there are a tremendous number of legal motions or procedural arguments that a Brisbane Criminal Defence Lawyer may try, depending on the facts of the particular case. But only an experienced criminal defence lawyer will be familiar with many of the more specific and obscure arguments that may help your case.


That's where I come in. I will use my experience, skill, and knowledge to do whatever it takes to get you every legal advantage to which the defence is entitled.


What Can You Do To Help Me?

You see, with my background and experience, I may be able to provide some unique defence options that some lawyers probably wouldn't consider. Because I'm in Queensland Criminal Courts day in and day out, fighting doing this kind of work. And I'm constantly in contact with the top criminal defence Barristers in the state.


The lawyer down the street who handles a real estate closing one day, and a divorce the next day, simply can't be knowledgeable about all the arcane details of a complex criminal defence strategy. That's why you absolute need a Lawyer who knows the criminal laws of Queensland backward and forward, which is only gained by defending criminal cases every day.

Specifically, here are just a few of the many defence tactics that could be helpful if your case:


Charges filed against you have to have been filed promptly, or the case against you could be prejudiced. Delays could mean you wouldn't get a fair trial, which can be grounds for dismissal.


Evidence against you must be available for independent analysis by the defence. If it isn't provided, any such evidence should be excluded from the case.


In a jury case, the selection process can be very important. I'll make sure we seat a fair and unbiased, impartial jury to deliberate your case.


If you need to testify in court on your own behalf, I'll prepare you for what we need to communicate to the jury to make sure we get the facts presenting in a way that helps your case. And I'll prepare you for when the Prosecutor cross-examines you, so you'll know what to expect, and be ready for when he may challenge your assertions.

In addition, I promise not just too vigorously defend your legal rights, but to help make the entire process at least a little easier for you. Facing criminal prosecution is difficult enough without feeling like you are in the dark the entire time. I'll hope to put your mind at ease by explaining every step of the process beforehand and as it is happening.


I could say much more in general about how I run Queensland criminal cases, but I think it's much more helpful to understand the facts exactly as they apply to you. That's why I offer a free initial consultation to all my potential clients, and anyone who needs a little help in deciding what to do next.

Bruce Peters, Principal of Brisbane Criminal Defence Lawyers

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